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Dr. Rob Boyle

Dear Dr. Boyle,

I am sending this to you with hope that if even one potential yet cynical patient (such as I was) reads it they will change their mind and try chiropractic care and reap the benefits available.

Just over a year ago I developed a nagging ache in my hip. It wasn't serious- a couple of over-the-counter meds worked just fine to ease the discomfort. After a couple of weeks, the pain became so severe one night that I couldn't sleep and pain relievers did nothing.

Returning to work after a sick day off, one of my co-workers saw me hobbling around and offerred to make me a same day appointment with a chiropractor he knew. I politely thanked him and made my excuses not to go becauase I obviously didn't need to see a "back doctor"!

The weekend passed and I was no better by Monday. Again the offer came to see a chiropractor. This time I explained that my back felt fine, it was my hip that hurt. It was then explained to me that chiropractic could very likely be what I needed. Knowing I had to do something and not wanting to go to the family doctor/prescription/x-ray/physical therapy routine, I made my first appointment with Dr.Boyle.

After considering what I learned from Dr.Boyle, I made my next appointment and began treatment with him. I knew the pain didn't begin overnight so it wasn't going to go away overnight either. I was slightly amazed and pleasantly surprised at how quickly and painlessly I began to feel relief in my hip.

Now over a year later, I continue my appointments for regular maintenance. I have also had adjustments to my wrist and elbow, knee and shoulder at various times when needed.   

From this experience I have learned that chiropractors are far from just "back doctors".

Thank you, Dr.Boyle, for helping me feel as well as I do today. 

Yours truly,


  • "Good Day Dr.Boyle,

    Just touching base with you to thank you for encouraging me to come in for a chiropractic adjustment, due to my sinus problem.

    After my visit with you I have seen great improvement. The swelling has gone down and the infection has cleared up a great deal. This is the first time in over 20 years that I have had such speedy results.

    To all those out there with sinus problems, I can truly say that chiropractic adjustment does help.

    Thank you once again.

    Yours very truly,"
  • "The chiropractic treatment has improved my head ache's, gave me more movement to my body and made me feel like a new person, inside and out."
  • "Dr. Boyle,

    I am doing well- back to normal! Went to wonderland did the bumping cars and roller coasters with my kids and just started back to the gym lifting weights and doing sit ups- mild mind you but a good start!

    Thanks for your help! I was skeptical about the little do-dad thing you used but did work!

    Thanks again!"
  • "My back misses you. Please move to Vancouver (lol)"
  • "I wish I came sooner!"

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have been seeing Dr. Boyle for over 2 months now and let me tell you, he has literally made me a different person. NO more crying about my back and no daily complaints, it's not even on my mind. He is awesome and knows his stuff very well and great with people. Thank you Dr. Boyle!!!!"
    Dorothy S
  • "Dr. Boyle is amazing.
    I started seeing him several years ago.
    I had severe facial pain due to trigeminal neuralgia.
    Cause unknown till I saw him I had no disc space in my neck and nerves were constricted. The pain unbearable. He was so understanding when I cried
    In severe pain
    It took time but he got my disc space back. Even my
    GP was Impressed. His gentle manner and patience
    Helps heal the anxiety.
    I highly recommend seeing him.
    He gave me my life back"
    Frances M
  • "Rob is absolutely amazing. He's more than just a Chiropractor, he's like a life coach. He knows exactly what's going on with your mind in relation to what's happening in your body. He's not your typical old school Chiropractor. He uses an Activator which is less evasive and finds the exact points that are out. If you've got headaches or numbness in the fingers or even stomach problems, Rob's the guy to see. Thanks so much Rob for all your help. Your'e truly the best"

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